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RTI: Your Right to Information!

Posted by admin on 2013-12-22 15:47:58 UTC

Ghana Coalition on the Right to Information'
The Coalition on the Right to Information was established in 2007 and has undertaken several projects to raise awareness on the need for a right to information legislation in Ghana. The coalition has also lobbied a number of influential people as part of its advocacy.
Presently, the Coalition is constituted by at least eighty organisations spread out in all ten regions of the country. Notable ones are the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Media Foundation for West Africa, Ghana Bar Association, Ghana Journalist Association, Legal Resource Centre, the Centre for Environmental Law and Development Media Rights Agenda, Centre for Democratic Development-Ghana, Ghana Integrity Initiative, Ghana News Agency, Ghana Journalists Association, Publish What You Pay-Ghana, Integrated Social Development Centre, POS Foundation, Third World Network, IBIS, Human Rights Advocacy Centre and Netright.
Additionally, the Coalition has set up regional chapters in all the regions of the country, each spearheaded by a specific NGO or network of NGOs to carry out activities at the regional level. The Coalition has regional chapters in all ten of the regions with each regional chapter having a membership of at least 30 organisations ranging from civil society organisations, community leaders, chiefs, religious bodies, etc.
The Coalition on the Right to Information-Ghana is a network of civil society bodies established to promote enhanced accountability and transparency of Government as well as greater participation in the democratic process through the mechanism of the right to information legislation. The Coalition also aims to help build a strong, sustainable Coalition that will have expertise and collective strength to more effectively pressurise Government towards the passage of the Right to Information Legislation that is in compliance with international human rights standards and push for its effective implementation in Ghana.
The Coalition has been the main platform advocating for the passage of the RTI Bill. Through hard work, the Bill was finally laid before Parliament in February 2010.
The Coalition on the Right to Information (RTI) is the strongest civil society tool available for ensuring that the Right to Information is realised in Ghana. It constitutes civil society heavyweights, all fighting to give Ghanaians the RTI that is guaranteed to them by their Constitution. The purpose of the Coalition is specific and focussed on the right to information, which explains its varied membership. It is working on an issue that will enable all civil society and other organisations and individuals to do their work more effectively, enhance citizen’s participation in the affairs of their country, and also enhance transparency and accountability among public bodies. The coalition has also managed to reach out in all regions and has therefore assumed a nationwide character, which further augments the importance of the right to information to all persons
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