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CHRI: promotion of Right to Information

Posted by admin on 2013-12-22 15:57:50 UTC

Regional Chapters: Additionally, the Coalition has set up regional chapters in all the regions of the country, each spearheaded by a specific NGO or network of NGOs to carry out activities at the regional level. The Coalition has regional chapters in all ten of the regions with each regional chapter having a membership of at least 30 organisations ranging from civil society organisations, community leaders, chiefs, religious bodies, etc. The Bill: Ghana’s right to information Bill since it was first drafted in 2002 has been viewed with a lack of enthusiasm from political circles with the argument that Ghanaians are not ready for such a law owing to the following reasons: first, an RTI will be too costly for a developing country like Ghana, second all the needed infrastructures are not in place, third RTI will take time and resources away from government functions and thereby distract from greater priorities such as creating jobs, building schools, & providing decent healthcare. The Bill is at a critical stage and will require full involvement of the public to ensure the passage of a functional law. An effective right to information provides an enhanced and enabling climate for the full realisation of other fundamental human rights. The right to information is closely connected with the right to shelter, water, and basic infrastructure.It is said that information is power and power is access to information. Access to information strengthens democracy, good governance, transparency, accountability, economic growth and development, poverty reduction, and its fights corruption. This is what the RTI Bill seeks to address.

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